A fast page is the difference between a sale and a bounce.

Improving your website's load time could increase revenue by 30%

The tools you need to delight users and increase revenue


Measure your users' load times under real world conditions, across all devices.


Delight your users with light, fast pages. Get actionable advice on how to reduce page weight and improve first run experience.


Drive revenue growth. Users are 30% more likely to convert on faster loading pages.

Measure site performance from the browser of every user.

Rasterize gathers detailed page load data from every visitor to your site, including things like time to DNS resolution, time to first byte, time to execute all Javascript on the page, and time taken to download every image. Visualize that data by device, browser, and geographic location.

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Optimize your page load experience

Rasterize checks for dozens of performance draining mistakes, and provides clear, actionable advice on how to fix them. With the most detailed analysis platform on the web, we find optimization opportunities no other service will.

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Increase Conversion Rate and Revenue

We integrate with marketing analytics tools like Mixpanel, Google Analytics and Kissmetrics. Rasterize correlates the data, and identifies relationships like "Users who load in 2 seconds are 30% more likely to convert than users who load in 5 seconds." We prove the business case for optimizing your site, so you know how much time and effort to allocate.

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Professional Services

With the expertise that comes from analyzing hundreds of sites, our professional services team are available to implement the changes that will increase your sales.

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Want to speed up your site, delight users and make more money?